Author: George Meadows

Boating Accident

10 Common Causes of Injuries in Boating Accidents

What Is the Cause of Most Boating Accidents? Though the exact details and contributing factors of individual boating accidents are unique, there are various causes which are common amongst boat accidents, 10 of which are detailed below. 1. Distracted Boat Captain or Operator Boat operator inattention is a frequent cause […]

Sailing accidents

Sailing Accidents: Lessons Learned

Sailing is notably safe among adventure sports, so safe, in fact, there may be a tendency to regard serious accidents as anomalous freaks from which little can be learned. This is a mistake. One of the most important turning points in our sport came when a gale widely described as […]

Sailing accidents

Why do accidents occur at sea?

What are the most common causes of accidents at sea and how to easily prevent them? We’ll show what role human factors play and what mistakes sometimes even more experienced sailors make. Why do accidents occur at sea? What are the most common causes of accidents? It’s not technical failures […]

Maritime Lawyers

Top 10 Maritime Lawyers 2021 in USA

Norton Rose Fulbright’s global head of transport Harry Theochari takes top slot in this year’s law list in recognition of his contribution in elevating the London-based shipping specialist onto the global stage As part of our 2021 Top 100 most influential people in shipping series, we look at the very […]