Championship Hi-Fits Sailing Trousers Review
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Championship Hi-Fits Sailing Trousers Review 

April, 2024

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The Hi-Fits sailing trousers have a unique design. They have almost a basic look to them, yet they also look like salopettes, which are designed for offshore sailing. While these trousers definitely aren’t designed for offshore use, their durability and high level of wind and water protection will still surprise you. If you need more protection than sailing pants can provide, and less protection from the elements than what offshore gear is designed for, then these sailing pants offer the perfect blend of comfort, breathability, and protection.

Our Verdict: If you need pants designed to handle intense sea conditions, these pants are not for you. Instead, these pants are designed for mild to moderate water and wind conditions. They come equipped with a reinforced seat and knees, so you know they’re durable and can handle regular use. But in terms of water protection, these pants do not have what it takes to keep you dry during a storm or in choppy water conditions.

Read on to learn more about this popular sailing trousers by Championship.

Overview and Features

Through the years, Championship has produced some great sailing clothes that provide just the right amount of protection against water, wind, and cold, to keep you comfortable and dry during your afternoon of fun at sea. But they’ve stepped their game up with the Hi-Fits sailing trousers, which come loaded with some great features, a unique design, and plenty of protection against the elements. 

The sea isn’t exactly predictable, and because of this, you need pants that are designed to handle a variety of weather conditions. Championship offers a wide variety of sailing trouser styles, but just because you’ll be spending the day out on the water doesn’t mean you need to be fully sealed inside Gore-Tex pants. These pants are the perfect option when a higher level of protection is not needed. 

These sailing trousers are both wind and waterproof. They’re perfect for the active dinghy sailor and come equipped with elasticated braces, ankles-and armholes, for a more custom, comfortable fit that promotes freedom of movement. Additionally, when cared for properly, most buyers reported that these pants can withstand regular washing without any signs of wear and tear, making these pants a great choice for work purposes, if your job is out on the water. 

However, the pants themselves are much thinner than competing models, such as the Gill Men’s Waterproof Sailing Trousers, which means they may not be an appropriate choice for offshore sailing or pro use. The reinforced areas will add just enough protection to keep these areas from wearing out quickly, but the thinner material will not do much to protect you from the cold. 

This means these pants are a better choice for work or recreational purposes in warmer weather conditions.

If you’d like to check out pants that are rated for offshore use you can click here to read our buyer’s guide. The guide features some of the best-selling offshore sailing trousers on the market and also includes information regarding how to make sail, sailing tips, and what to look for in the perfect sailing trousers for you based on application, weather conditions, and water temperatures. 


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These pants offer a great fit and are true to size. With sailing trousers, the right fit is important since a secure fit can help to prevent seawater from entering and they’ll allow you to move around on deck comfortably. The adjustable suspenders, waistband and ankle cuffs allow you to adjust the pants as needed to provide that extra level of protection when you’re sailing through rough waters. 

Like with most pants, the seat and knees are often the first areas to show signs of wear and tear. Because of this, Championship has added extra padding for improved durability. 

The pants are made out of polyamide and contain a polyurethane membrane for waterproof protection and optimal breathability. 

The extra-stretchy material promotes freedom of movement and a custom fit. It also ensures that you’ll be nice and comfortable in pants that won’t hinder your movements. 


These pants are machine washable, but you must first place the pants inside a washing bag. To wash, put on the gentle cycle and use a liquid detergent only. Before you wash, make sure that all of the fastenings and Velcro are secured. These pants should be line dried only. You can get by between washes by simply rinsing the pants off and line drying them. If you use these pants in saltwater, the manufacturer recommends washing them on the gentle cycle after each use. 

What is Thermolift?

These pants feature Thermolift technology. Thermolift clothing allows you to layer your clothing regardless of the temperature outdoors. This means the pants are highly breathable, so you won’t sweat excessively. The breathable design consists of a polyurethane membrane, which allows the sweat to exit the exterior of the pants and prevents water and sea spray from entering the pants. This type of breathability makes the pants very versatile since they can be worn any time of the year. Breathability is not quite as important during the colder months of the year, but if you’re going to be spending the day with the sun shining down on you, in triple digit weather, then you need pants that can allow sweat to exit the pants while preventing water from entering. The Thermolift technology can keep you cool and dry and will help to prevent skin irritations including eczema flareups, chafing, and more. 


As we mentioned earlier, these pants aren’t designed for offshore use and don’t come equipped with that extra level of waterproof protection required for intense water conditions. Because of this, we recommend them for recreational use only. However, the type of applications these pants are suitable for will also be limited. The pants should never be fully submerged in water. The high quality seams and waterproof material are not designed for full submersion. This means they should not be worn for snorkeling, swimming, diving, or jet skiing. Basically, steer clear of any type of application or sport that can leave you soaked or requires full submersion. 

However, the pants can keep you dry in mild to moderate conditions that can arise when you’ve hit choppy water or when you’re reeling in a large catch. 

Championship Hi-Fits Sailing Trousers

Offshore gear is traditionally designed for serious sailors and anglers, or they can be used for racing or sailing in intense water conditions. While offshore gear can be essential for the pro, they tend to be overkill for many types of recreational purposes.

However, despite the fact that they can’t quite compare to true offshore sailing trousers, they are still built tough and can handle mile to moderate weather conditions. Because of their breathable design and Thermolift technology, the pants can be worn during the summer and winter months. In freezing temperatures or temperatures below forty degrees, you’ll want to add a wetsuit underneath or opt for offshore pants. 

Breathability is where these sailing trousers excel. The pants offer a decent level of protection, and won’t trap moisture inside the pants, which means you’ll feel nice and dry, even on hotter days.

Combined with their ability to keep out spray and protect your skin from the sun and windy conditions, these pants are perfect for recreational sailing. They perform exactly how the manufacturer designed them to. They’re very versatile and can work well in certain water conditions, but by no means should you rely on these pants to keep you dry when you’re dealing with intense sea conditions or need a reliable pair of sailing trousers for angling purposes.

Overall, these pants are a great buy if you’re looking for sailing pants that can offer a higher level of protection against wind and rain compared to basic sailing pants. 


  • Reasonably priced 
  • Versatile 
  • Reinforced rear and knees
  • Adjustable straps and cuffs
  • Machine washable 
  • Waterproof 
  • Highly breathable
  • Thermolift technology allows for year-round use. 


  • These pants may not offer the type of protection you need for offshore sailing  
  • These pants should not be submerged
Championship Hi-Fits Sailing Trousers Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated April, 2024: (4/5)

Championship Hi-Fits Sailing Trousers

What’s not to love about a pair of sailing trousers that can keep you nice and cool and dry when you’re enjoying a day out on the water?

Not every sailing adventure requires top of the line offshore clothing to keep you dry and protected from harsh weather conditions. In fact, if you plan on sailing around your local lake for the day, what you really need is a pair of pants that will protect your skin from the sun and the occasional spray.

So, when you need more protection than basic sailing trousers can give you, the Hi-fits are a great option and one that won’t hit your wallet too hard. 

These sailing trousers by Championship will protect you from sea spray and rushing water as you take on challenging ocean conditions. They may not be quite durable enough if you’re planning on spending several days offshore sailing, but for recreational purposes, these trousers should offer more than enough protection. We gave these pants a rating of four out of five stars.

SUPPLY NOTICE: At this time these trousers are unavailable! However, we strongly recommend checking out the BR2 OFFSHORE TROUSERS as a replacement. You can read the full review of the BR2 Trousers here!

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