Dynamic Pro Lite Musto Sailing Shoes Review
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Dynamic Pro Lite Musto Sailing Shoes Review 

March, 2022

Since these days, racing continues to evolve, it makes sense that your sailing shoes should as well. Enter the Dynamic Pro Lite sailing sneakers. While on the surface they may look like your average pair of high-end sneakers, they have a lot to offer the avid sailor. Their breathable, waterproof design and high traction soles will allow you to move around on deck, easily and quickly.

Our Verdict: These sailing shoes feature a sporty look and offer the type of waterproof protection you’ll need during a race or even just a leisurely day of sailing. The grippy soles provide top of the line traction, so you can move around on deck with ease. However, considering the shoe’s highly breathable design and lack of insulation, these shoes are not a good choice for wear during the winter months.

Overview and Features 

When people think of sailing shoes, they automatically envision the classic boat shoes that first appeared in the 1930s. But when you’re in the middle of a racing competition or plan on spending a long day at sea, you need more protection than what boat shoes can provide. You also need shoes that are made out of material that will dry quickly, and shoes that are equipped with state of the art soles that are designed to handle any type of wet surface. 

Musto is a leader in the sailing gear industry, offering a wide range of products including sailing clothes, pants, and a variety of shoe and boot styles. But their latest model, the Pro II is probably their most innovative pair to date. 

These sailing sneakers are designed with a TPU welded overlay that’s located in the sneaker’s upper. This design focuses on lateral support, while the shock absorbing heel cage is designed for both durability and security. The shoe’s mono mesh design improves ventilation, allowing the shoes to dry out at a rapid rate for all-day freshness and comfort. 

The addition of XPL drainage will prevent saltwater from pooling inside the sneakers. 

Sole Design 

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As we mentioned, these shoes look like a basic pair of sporty sneakers, but it’s clear that the manufacturer put some thought into their design. The soles of the shoes offer top of the line stability on wet decks, thanks to the Grip Flex tread combined with the Grip Deck rubber. These shoes will keep your feet firmly planted on deck, allowing you to run around or get to work, even in intense water conditions at sea. The thick tread soles are very grippy allowing you to move quickly, without slipping. However, while the soles may look heavy, they’re actually very light. So, you’ll enjoy sailing shoes that offer the ultimate amount of traction when you need it the most and a lightweight design to boot. 

Where These Shoes Excel

While these shoes won’t be the best choice for intense cold and frigid water conditions, they’re the perfect option for warmer climates. Regardless of how wet these sneakers get, the innovative drainage system works like a champ at sea, eliminating pools of water that can slowly build up throughout the day. When your feet are exposed to water all day long, this can often lead to unwanted fungal conditions, such as athlete’s foot. Musto’s engineers went above and beyond with the shoe’s drainage design which not only ensures that water won’t pool up inside, but that the water is pulled away from the skin. The interior also dries at an accelerated rate, keeping you comfortable and your feet fresh and dry. 

On average, when left in direct sunlight these shoes can dry out in as little as twenty to thirty minutes. This is a huge deal for people who are susceptible to fungal infections or other skin issues. Additionally, any sailor will tell you how important it is to keep your feet comfortable and dry on board.

When Not to Use Them

The shoe’s breathable design is at the top of its class. The Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes, while functional and offered at a comparable price can’t quite compete with the Pro II  fast drying design that allows your feet to stay dry, cool, and comfortable. 

But because of the mesh material and breathable design, these shoes are not a good choice for sailing in the winter or in frigid water conditions. Additionally, trapezing with these shoes in poor weather conditions can also be a challenge. For intense weather conditions, you’ll need sailing boots or shoes that are better equipped to keep your feet warm. 

In ideal conditions, these shoes are solid performers, thanks to the innovative sole design that allows you to move around on deck easily.

But if you’re in need of insulated shoes or boots for the winter months, you’ll need to keep searching.

To learn more, click here to read our buyer’s guide, which lists the leading models of sailing boots and shoes on the market. 


These shoes feature closed cell technology located within the heel cage. This provides odor resistance and antimicrobial protection. 

The shoe’s designer has also added elasticated gilly cords which are designed to hold the tongue in place for a more snug, secure fit. The lacing system also ensures comfort and security. 

In terms of traction, the shoes feature a multi-directional outsole that provides a better than average grip on wet surfaces. 

The soles of the shoe consist of a sticky rubber that’s designed for improved grip on wet surfaces. Like all other types of boat shoes and boots, the soles will not mark up the deck of a boat. 

Overall, the design of the shoe is very plain, but Musto did a great job focusing their design where it mattered the most. Since the shoes are made out of a single layer mesh, the shoes are easy to clean, dry faster than regular sneakers, and the breathable mesh promotes air circulation. 

Cleaning Instructions

To care for your new sailing shoes, you’ll need to clean them by hand using a sponge and cold water. If you’re sailing in saltwater then the shoes should be rinsed off immediately after use in order to prevent the saltwater from damaging or fading the material.

The shoes should be stored out of direct sunlight unless you’re leaving them out to dry. They should also be stored in a cool, dry place. 

Sailing Away

Dynamic Pro Lite Musto Sailing Shoes

You’ve enrolled in sailing courses, maybe you’ve joined a yachting club, and you’ve learned everything you can about how sailboats work. All you need now is the right gear to match your next sailing adventure. A good pair of sailing sneakers can be hard to find. But if your next trip involves potentially choppy waters, then you’ll need more protection from the elements than a basic pair of boat shoes can provide. While boat shoes used to be the standard footwear for sailing, mainly because of the non-marking sole, sailing sneakers are the next big thing. But they’re not only functional, they’re stylish as well. These shoes can be worn both on and off a boat, thanks to their modern look. They’re also pretty versatile in terms of what you can wear, whether it’s a shorty wetsuit or casual wear. 

Click here to read our wetsuit buyer’s guide where you’ll find a wide range of wetsuit styles to choose from. 

While these sailing shoes are perfect for a wide range of water applications such as dinghy racing and recreational sailing, these shoes will struggle with performance in cold weather conditions. They can do a decent job of keeping water from entering the interior, however, they lack the type of insulation that you need during the winter months. During the winter, most sailors recommend switching to sailing boots, which are designed specifically for cold weather wear.

In the summer months, these shoes are considered very versatile. If you need breathable, flexible sailing shoes that promote freedom of movement, even in choppy waters, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find another pair of sailing shoes in this price range that can perform nearly as well.


  • Shoes feature antimicrobial properties to keep feet healthy 
  • Mesh design improves air circulation
  • Supportive and comfortable 
  • Perfect for warm climates


  • These shoes are not a good choice when sailing in cold climates
Dynamic Pro Lite Musto Sailing Shoes Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated March, 2022: (4.5/5)

Dynamic Pro Lite Musto Sailing Shoes

Not everyone is looking for a traditional pair of deck shoes for sailing. If you want a pair of sailing shoes that offer a more modern, sportier look, then these Musto sailing shoes are a great buy. But they’re not just a great looking pair of sailing shoes. They’re highly functional as well. They may not look like it, but they’re the ultimate sailing sneakers designed with top of the line sole technology that will allow you to move around easily and freely on deck.

The Dynamic Pro Lite by Musto are flexible, highly breathable sailing sneakers that are both stylish and functional. Their non-marking soles feature ultimate traction on slick surfaces. Designed to last, these shoes are perfect for cool to hot water and weather conditions. We gave these shoes a rating of four and a half out of five stars.


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