Gill Competition Dinghy Boots Review
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Gill Competition Dinghy Boot Review

March, 2022

In the beginning, how to get into yachting seems easy, but once you’ve learned the basics and decided to try your hand at racing, you’ll need to focus on your performance and newly acquired sailing skills. If you’re serious about racing, then you need the right gear, whether it’s the best boots for sailing or a wetsuit that will keep you warm and dry as you work to take the lead. These Gill Marine competition dinghy boots are all class. These boots will put you at the top of your game, allowing you to solely focus on performance, without the worry of slipping and sliding on deck. 

Our Verdict: Looking for the right pair of dinghy racing boots for your upcoming race? These Competition sailing boots are totally pro quality and have a lot to offer both amateur and pro sailors and anglers.  Sailing boots are essentially in their own class of sailing footwear. Like other models of sailing boots, these boots by Gill do a great job of preventing water from entering and offer decent breathability, however, they shouldn’t be worn in hot weather since their breathability is very limited. These boots are priced affordably, well-built, and come equipped with soles that offer better than average traction.

Continue reading to learn more about these popular sailing boots by Gill.

Overview and Features 

If you’ve ever purchased a pair of sailing boots or shoes, then the odds are you’ve come across a pair made by Gill. You may have even owned a pair or two made by this popular sailing gear manufacturer. Gill is known for their extensive line of sailing footwear and their high prices. But what most potential buyers don’t realize is that a single pair of their sailing boots can last for years. In fact, some anglers have reported using the same pair of Gill boots for over ten years. As you can see, their higher pricing is a fair trade off for a pair of boots that can last you season after season.

These racing boots are also commonly used for work, since they’re incredibly durable and feature a lightweight design. But their true purpose is for dinghy racing, a fast-paced intense sport that requires the sailor to wear boots that offer top of the line traction.

During a sailing competition, the right pair of boots can mean the difference between winning and losing. These sailing boots by Gill can provide the type of versatility and stability you need during your next competition.

These sailing boots come equipped with all of the features you need such as a durable, grip and an innovative design that will provide countless hours of comfort. The boot’s lace-up system offers just the right amount of support. Lower priced boots that lack support are basically useless. While they may feature a sole that offers a decent grip, the lack of ankle support can quickly make them uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The last thing you want to have to worry about during a competition is the state of your feet and the pain coursing through your ankles. 

Which is why, if you want to win, you’ve got to wear the best sailing shoes. 

Inside the boots, the reinforced heel and instep provides maximum durability and support, for a well-designed boot that’s up to the challenge. 

Waterproof Design

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These boots are totally waterproof and come with a quick-drying polyester liner, so your feet will remain dry throughout the day. Like most types of sailing boots, these are not rated for submersion, however, they can easily handle rough sea spray. The interior liner does a great job of drying out the boots, once you remove them, however, the liner itself does nothing to improve the boot’s breathability. 

Lacing System

As we mentioned earlier, these boots are equipped with an excellent tight-fitting lacing system that’s highly adjustable. The static and stretch lace design will allow you to get a custom fit for support that’s simply perfect. The lacing system also allows you to quickly put the boots on and take them off. 

Sole Design 

Finding sailing boots that feature better than average traction and a lightweight design isn’t easy. But Gill manages to come through, producing boots that feature the latest in sole technology.

The boot’s razor-cut outsole is non-marking and made out of one hundred percent natural rubber for improved grip and support. These soles are designed to withstand slick surfaces, allowing you to move around quickly on deck without sliding or slipping. This is the biggest difference you’ll find between standard work boots and sailing boots designed for work. While these boots can also be used for sea angling and racing, they’re also a great option for the pro sailor or fishermen.  The soles are also lighter than what you’ll find on standard work boots, so you’ll enjoy boots that offer ultimate traction and a lightweight, waterproof design. 


Like most pairs of sailing boots, these Competition Dinghy boots tend to fall flat in terms of breathability. They’re the best choice for footwear in colder weather, but if worn during the summer months, you’ll find that the boots just don’t have the type of breathable design that’s necessary in order to keep your feet cool and dry. They do an excellent job of preventing water from entering the interior and can handle mild to moderate weather conditions well. But once it reaches over ninety degrees you won’t be able to wear these boots for very long. During a summer race, you’ll be better off switching to sailing shoes, which are often made out of a mesh for improved air circulation. While sailing shoes lack the type of insulation needed for winter wear, they’re the best choice for hot sunny days.


If you’re into competitive sailing, aside from a solid wetsuit, a pair of dinghy competition boots are one of the most important pieces of gear you can buy for this exciting, fast-paced sport. On deck, you’ll be running around, taking or giving orders, focusing on winning. The last thing you need to deal with are sailing boots that are uncomfortable, unsupportive, and don’t provide a solid grip. 

You can’t get by in a competition just wearing any type of boots. You need boots that are specifically designed for deck use. However, since competitions can take place any time of the year, and often in cases in which the water is freezing and the air is cold as well, you need boots that are breathable and designed to withstand the elements. 

Gill Competition Dinghy Boot

While this may seem like a tall order, companies like Gill Marine have been producing top of the line dinghy boots specifically designed for competitions for years. 

But not only does the manufacturer focus on soles designed with ultimate gripping power, they’ve also ensured that the boots themselves can dry quickly, so you won’t have to spend hours in cold, damp boots. As you probably know, if the feet are kept cold and wet for long periods of time it can quickly lead to a fungal infection and other types of health issues.

Why Ankle Support Matters

Up until this point, you may have been a casual, recreational sailor, but now that you’re into competitive sailing, you need to take your footgear up a notch.  Boots such as the Dubarry Ultima Sailing Boots, can be perfect for a leisurely day of sailing, but in a competition, the footgear you wear has to also offer ankle support. Imagine running on deck, focusing on sailing techniques, only to have your ankle give out, or begin to ache since you’ve been on your feet for hours. These boots are specifically designed to provide the arches and ankles with ultimate support. They’re also designed to promote blood circulation and top of the line support for the ankles which will cut down on your risk of aches, pains, and injuries. 

As you can see, this type of additional support is what also makes these racing boots a great choice for work. Whether you’re a recreational sailor or a pro, these shoes will offer top of the line comfort and functionality.


  • Fast-drying liner
  • Top of the line ankle support 
  • Innovative lacing system 
  • Premium materials
  • Great grip on a variety of surfaces


  • Not recommended for hotter weather 
  • Price
Gill Competition Dinghy Boots Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated March, 2022: (4/5)

Gill Competition Dinghy Boots

While the price may deter you initially, we can assure you that these racing boots are worth every penny. Not only can they be used for a wide range of applications, but they’re also comfortable, durable, and clearly designed to last.

Marketed as racing sailing boots, these are actually the go-to choice for the pro fishermen or anyone else who works at sea. They’re also a popular option for racing purposes since they come equipped with the type of grippy soles you need when you’re running around on deck.

These competition dinghy boots by Gill Marine are flexible, supportive, highly breathable, and incredibly comfortable. They’re built to last and they’re the perfect boots to wear during your next intense sailing competition. We gave this boots a rating of four out of five stars.


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