Gill Men’s Waterproof Sailing Trousers Review
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Gill Men’s Waterproof Sailing Trousers Review 

April, 2024

Sailing is all fun and games until you get wet. But when you sail you have to expect to get soaked at some point on your journey, even if you’re going for a casual cruise. Unfortunately, if you don’t prepare for cold weather and choppy water conditions you may end up sitting on deck soaked and freezing. During the winter months, this can actually be very dangerous once the water hits around forty degrees. The Gill’s men’s waterproof sailing pants are the perfect solution if you need breathable sailing trousers that are designed to keep you nice and dry during your next adventure.

Our Verdict: These pants feature an innovative design that will keep you nice and dry in milder conditions. These sailing trousers are not the best choice for racing or offshore fishing, but for mild to moderate water and wind conditions they can certainly hold their own. If you’re looking for pants that can be submerged, or trousers you can wear in intense conditions at sea, these pants by Gill are not the best choice. However, for recreational sailing, these pants are the perfect fit.

Continue reading to learn more about how these sailing trousers fared in different wind and water conditions.

Overview and Features 

Gill is a leading manufacturer in the sailing gear industry. The produce a wide range of sailing gear including offshore pants, hoodies, casual sailing clothing, beanies, and top of the line waterproof jackets designed to keep you dry and protected from the elements. These PUL trousers fit somewhere in the middle of mild protection and ultimate protection. You don’t need top of the line Gore-Tex pants when you’re planning a fun boating trip out on the lake. This is especially true if the temperatures have reached the triple digits. Instead, what you want to focus on are pants that can protect your skin from sunlight and spray. You also need pants that offer more breathability than what traditional offshore pants can provide.

Any angler or sailor knows how important it is to wear the right gear for the right water and weather conditions.

If you’re not well prepared when you’re sailing, thinking you’ll spend a relaxing day at sea, chances are you’ll end up spending your day on board soaked to the bone. If you know how sailboats work, then you’re familiar with just how rough and rocky life on deck can be if you end up in choppy water conditions. Fortunately, Gill has created an extensive line of sailing gear designed to keep you warm and dry. 

Gill is a leader in the sailing gear industry, producing a wide range of sailing clothing designed to keep you warm and dry. Their latest pair of sailing trousers are waterproof and are a must-have if you enjoy year-round watersports such as dinghy or sports boat racing. 

Just because you enjoy cruising or intense watersports during the winter months doesn’t mean you have to accept wearing clothing that quickly becomes soaked and heavy for the duration of your trip. Instead, what you need are waterproof pants that are specifically designed for sailing, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with these durable, breathable pants by Gill. 

Gill offers you pants that will keep you dry and your skin protected, yet they’re highly breathable and flexible, so you’ll essentially enjoy the benefits of both casual sailing trousers and offshore pants.


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The pants themselves consist of two layers of breathable, waterproof fabric. This means that not only will the pants prevent water from getting inside the pants, they’ll also allow perspiration out, so you’ll remain nice and dry. 

Denim and cotton are both two types of material that you don’t want to wear when you’re sailing. Cotton tends to be very slow drying, which can lead to a number of skin issues if worn for too long. The same can be said about denim, which is not only incredibly heavy and uncomfortable when it’s wet, but it’s not very breathable and can take several hours to dry in certain weather conditions. 

These sailing pants are coated with a durable water repellent or DWR for short. The seams of the pants also have a unique design and come completely taped, which prevents water from entering. This is the same seam technique you’ll find used on wetsuits. The fact that the seams are taped also means you won’t have to worry about wet pants weighing you down. 

The manufacturer seems to have thought of it all in terms of well-designed pants that will keep you nice and dry, but won’t make you sweat and won;t keep your sweat trapped between your skin and the pants.

These pants are recommended for mild to moderate wind and water conditions.

However, if you’re into intense watersports, such as dinghy racing, these pants may not be up to the challenge. You’ll need sailing trousers that offer more waterproof protection, such as the MPX Gore-Tex Pro Offshore Trousers. 

To learn more about the different types of sailing trousers available, click here to read our buyer’s guide. 


The pants are made out of nylon with a PUL laminate. 

On the interior, you’ll find a mesh lining that makes these pants highly breathable, which means they won’t trap moisture. The large belt loops and elastic waist combined with the button closure and zippered fly offer a combination of comfort and security. 

The smooth mesh waistband is a great choice for people with sensitive skin, improving breathability and minimizing chafing.

The knees and seat of the pants are reinforced for extra wear protection. The pants also have a secure cargo pocket and deep side pockets. The pants include adjustable ankle closures and external pad pockets. The reinforced areas are a great addition if you’re looking for pants that can handle plenty of wear and tear. The included large pockets will allow you to store and carry important gear and personal items, while protecting them from the elements. Now, you won’t have to worry about your smartphone getting soaked or misplacing important tools. 

The cuffs of the pants are also highly adjustable, allowing you to get a secure, snug fit in order to keep water and wind out.

Keep in mind, despite the taped seams these pants are not designed for full submersion. These pants are not rated for swimming, snorkeling, or diving. This means if you end up in the water with your phone stored in one of the cargo pockets, the seals will not be able to prevent water from entering the pockets. This is something to consider if you’re planning on wearing these pants for sail racing or another type of application that can require you to sail in choppy water conditions.

What is PUL?

Gill Men’s Waterproof Sailing Trousers

PUL, or polyurethane laminate is a type of laminated fabric that’s waterproof, which is what makes it ideal for sailing pants. Plus, PUL is also highly breathable. The design begins with a lightweight polyester fabric, which is then paired with thermoplastic polyurethane, a type of stretchy, thin plastic film. Bonded together, these two components form a single fabric that’s created using a combination of adhesive, pressure, and heart. 

Years ago, adhesives that were solvent based were used for PUL fabrics. However, considering the volatile compounds found in the adhesive was deemed bad for the environment, companies such as Gill have switched to green adhesive options that are more environmentally friendly and solvent-free. 

These days, you can find PUL in a wide variety of products including diaper covers. This material is pretty powerful and cheap to manufacture, which is why clothing made out of this material is usually reasonably priced.


The pants offer a type of relaxed fit that makes them comfortable to wear all day long. The breathable design combined with the mesh interior and waistband make these pants a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of pants that can handle a rough day at sea. Additionally, the adjustable cuffs also ensure you get the perfect fit. 


  • Adjustable ankle cuffs
  • Totally waterproof
  • Breathable
  • A variety of size options available
  • Perfect for moderate wind and water conditions


  • Not designed for intense weather conditions 
  • Price 
Gill Men’s Waterproof Sailing Trousers Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated April, 2024: (4/5)

Gill Men’s Waterproof Sailing Trousers

Gill knows their sailing gear. If you’re not heading out to sea for some serious angling or sailing, then you don’t need the type of ultimate protection that offshore clothing offers. If you’re planning a day of recreational sailing in mild water conditions, then you’ll still need more protection than what a pair of khakis can offer. Gill designed these pants to meet moderate water conditions. If you want pants that can protect your sensitive skin from harmful UV rays and spray, then these pants can offer better than average protection.

These waterproof sailing pants by Gill are pretty versatile. While they can handle moderately cold conditions, they’re not a great choice for dinghy racing or intense cold. However, they’re the pants you need for a leisurely day out on the lake or boating in calmer waters, when a higher level of protection would be overkill.

We gave these pants a rating of four out of five stars.

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