Gore-Tex Ocean Racer Sailing Boots Review
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Gore-Tex Ocean Racer Sailing Boots Review 

April, 2024

When you sail during the colder months, you need a pair of durable boots that won’t let you down. Your feet must stay warm and dry, but the boots you wear also shouldn’t hinder your movements and should be both waterproof and highly breathable. This is definitely a tall order, but when you’re dealing with boots that are made out of Gore-Tex, you’ll enjoy high-performance, high-quality boots that are incredibly durable.

Our Verdict: These sailing boots are perfect if you need reliable sailing footwear for the colder months of the year. They’re not as breathable as sailing shoes, so if breathability is a priority, these boots are not for you. However, if you need top of the line sailing boots that will keep your feet warm and offer ultimate gripability, then these Gore-Tex boots are a steal for the price.

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Overview and Features

The Ocean Racer boots are designed for inclement weather and frigid water temperatures. They’re the perfect choice for boat racing in choppy waters, or even casual cruising in cold weather conditions.  They can also be used by the pro sailor or the angler who loves fishing during the colder months of the year. 

Gore-Tex is known for producing top of the line, waterproof, breathable gear that’s designed for harsh conditions. Their latest sailing boots do not disappoint and offer maximum protection when you need it the most. 

At first glance, you can easily tell that not only are these boots all quality, but they’re designed for heavy-duty use. In fact, they can work well for the commercial fisherman or the recreational sailor who enjoys hitting the sea year-round. These boots are designed for colder weather use when the waters have reached frigid temperatures. Because they’re also equipped with gaiters, they do well in a variety of weather conditions as well. However, the boot’s heavy-duty design can make them a poor choice if you’re looking for a cooler option in hotter climates.

Overall, since they’re made out of Gore-Tex, they can do well in warmer weather, but for recreational use, this can be overkill. 

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Low-priced dinghy sailing boots can work well for inshore work, but if you’re going to sea for any length of time, a pair of breathable, high-quality boots is essential. The Ocean Racer boots, just like the Gill Competition Dinghy Boot, will last much longer than boots that use low-cost materials. 

The key to the success of these boots is their tougher than nails Gore-Tex lining, which wicks away perspiration from the feet, working to keep them dry. 

With traditional rubber boots, you’ll have to worry about the uppers rubbing against the calves, but thanks to the lightweight Gore-Tex lining, your skin is well-protected against friction. 

While it’s true these sailing boots offer ultimate protection against the elements, they’re also highly breathable and designed to keep your feet nice and dry. The Gill Competition Dinghy boots, one of their top competitors, offers similar protection, but doesn’t offer the same type of innovative breathable design that the Ocean Racer boots do. 

If these boots are too heavy-duty for your sailing needs, or you’re looking for sailing shoes you can use in warmer climates, click here to read our buyer’s guide. 


When you think of sailing shoes, you probably think of the classic boat shoe. But sailing footwear has come a long way over the past ten years. Boots such as these by Gore-Tex come equipped with innovative grip sole technology that allows you to move around quickly on deck, without slipping and sliding. They’re also made incredibly functional and feature fast-drying material, so you’re sure to get boots that you can rely on for daily wear.

The boot’s gaiter and upper helps to significantly increase the boot’s durability, ensuring they last for several years to come, even with rough use. 

The outsole is marketed as Grip Flex multi-directional, which is said to work exceptionally well on wet surfaces. The Grip Deck sole complete with a sticky rubber compound also offers an improved grip on wet slick surfaces. The soles are also non-marking so you won’t have to worry about damaging the boat’s deck. 

The footbed, EVA midsole, and ankle protectors provide support, comfort, and impact protection. The outsole offers improved lateral grip in wet conditions. 


So, what exactly is Gore-Tex? How can these boots be breathable, yet waterproof?

When you buy waterproof ocean boots, you want to ensure that they’re made out of a type of material that will prevent the elements from getting inside. However, it’s also important for the sailing boots to allow the sweat to get out of the boots, otherwise, your sweat will quickly soak the boot’s interior. There are a wide variety of technologies used to achieve this. But there’s only one name in the industry that really stands out from the rest and that’s Gore-Tex. 

Gore-Tex is known for producing some of the most windproof, breathable, and waterproof fabrics around. In fact, you can find the Gore-Tex logo on pretty much everything ranging from walking boots, jackets, pants, coats, and sailing boots. 

So, why is this fabric so special? 

This material is incredibly durable and microporous. It has excellent weathering properties and low water absorption. Because of this, it’s often used in leading outdoor clothing, boots, and shoes. 

This fabric will keep rain and water on the outside and allow perspiration to escape from the inside. 

While it may seem pretty simple to create a fabric that blocks the rain, creating a fabric that blocks the rain and allows perspiration to escape is much more complex. 

Many wearers have reported that the boots do an excellent job of preventing water from entering, but in hot weather, these boots do not offer the type of breathability that will prevent the interior from turning into a sauna. Because of this, we don’t recommend the boots for the summer months.

The Membrane

There’s an incredibly thin membrane located at the heart of the Gore-Tex technology. The membrane features over nine billion microscopic pores that are about twenty thousand times smaller than a single drop of water. They’re also approximately seven hundred times bigger than a single molecule of moisture vapor. 

Because of this, in its liquid form, water is not able to pass from the outside to the inside of the membrane. Yet, water as a moisture vapor produced from sweat can pass from the inside to the outside. 

Gore-Tex Ocean Racer Sailing Boots

The laminate is how the membrane of the Gore-Tex is bonded with the main body fabric. 

Finally, seam sealing is the last step in the process. The seamed seals will provide these waterproof boots with compete weatherproofing and will prevent any leaks. 

These boots feature a thick liner made out of Gore-Tex, so you know your feet will be well-protected. 


These boots should be dried naturally and cleaned by hand using a sponge and plain water. In bright sunlight, many users have reported that the boots are fully dry in under an hour, which is pretty impressive.

These boots should be stored in a cool dry place and kept out of direct sunlight. 

New and Improved Lacing System 

The bungee lacing system will provide a more secure, comfortable fit. Not only that, but it makes putting the boots on and taking them off, fast and easy. 

Gaiter Design 

These boots are also equipped with top of the line Cordura gaiters, which are lightweight and durable.  Typically, gaiters come in a variety of sizes. Often, they’re sold separately and made out of a waterproof material designed to keep the feet dry. They fit snuggly and further add to the durability of these boots. As with most gaiters, here the goal is to achieve the best possible seal around the boots in order to prevent water from entering at the top. 

The gaiters should be adjusted so that the buckles on the instep straps are placed to the outside of the feet. If you adjust them so they’re on the inside, you can accidentally kick the buckle when you’re moving fast. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid overtightening the straps located at the top. The goal is to simply make them snug, so the gaiters won’t fall down your legs as you’re walking. Overtightening them will make them uncomfortable to wear. These gaiters also feature XPL water drainage located on the side of the gaiter that’s designed to allow water that enters to escape. 


  • Equipped with gaiters
  • Gore-Tex lining
  • Durable
  • Non-marking soles
  • Lightweight design 
  • Decent breathability
  • Waterproof 


  • Price 
  • Too hot for warmer climates
Gore-Tex Ocean Racer Sailing Boots Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated April, 2024: (5/5)

Gore-Tex Ocean Racer Sailing Boots

If you need sailing boots that are built tough, dry fast, and can handle rough daily wear, then your search is over.

The Ocean Racer sailing boots are designed for work or recreational use. They’re a fixture on pro fishing rigs and racing sailboats. They can handle a wide range of weather conditions but work best in colder climates. We gave these boots a rating of five out of five stars.


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