Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes Review
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Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes Review 

March, 2022

Musto currently dominates the market in terms of racing sailing shoes. The latest addition to their line, the GP Race sailing shoes has created some buzz in the sailing industry, mainly because they feature a sporty look and highly breathable design. But they also come equipped with some great features that can provide the type of protection you need at sea. These shoes are offered at a reasonable price and feature an innovative sole design that will help improve your performance by providing a higher level of gripability than what you can expect from standard sailing shoes. 

Our Verdict: If you’re in need of sailing shoes designed for dinghy racing, Musto’s latest racing shoes should be at the top of your list. These shoes are equipped with top of the line flex soles designed for improved traction. The shoe’s breathable design will keep you nice and dry, while the Gore-Tex liner prevents water from entering the interior. These shoes may be sporty, flexible, and the perfect choice for footwear when it comes to racing, but they aren’t designed for offshore work and should not be worn by the pros. These shoes are not the best option for colder weather conditions and can’t provide much protection in severe weather conditions.

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Overview and Features

Musto is one of the leading manufacturers in sailing gear in terms of clothing and jackets for offshore sailing, inshore sailing, racing, and more. They even offer an extensive line of clothing for the offshore sailor. But their lines of sailing shoes and boots have also been well received in the sailing community.

In terms of racing gear, these shoes are one of the their best-sellers. They aren’t designed for pro use or cold weather use, but they can easily handle intense conditions on deck during a race. They offer the ultimate grippy sole, one that will ensure you remain on your feet as you work with your team to pull ahead.

Competitive yacht racing is the next big thing in sailing. It’s actually one of the main reasons people are curious to learn how to get into yachting, and it can be an intense sailing experience like no other. If you love the sea, sailing, and speed, yacht racing can offer the ultimate experience. But as you can imagine, you need the right footwear for this challenging sport. Who wants to focus on not slipping in their boat shoes during a competition? If you want to win, your focus must be on the race. These Musto GP Race sailing shoes are a total gamer changer, and shoes that are a must-have for the serious sailor. 

If you know your sailing footwear, then the mere mention of Gore-Tex has gotten your attention. During production, these shoes were put through rigorous testing. Not only was the Gore-Tex material tested, but the entire system, including the membrane, insulation, lining, and the outer material as well, ensuring these shoes could handle the toughest conditions. 

Aside from the liner, these shoes also feature a mesh construction, which makes the shoes very light and breathable. 

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Described as the ultimate racing shoes, the seasoned sailor will not only love the amount of protection these shoes offer, but they’ll also appreciate the supportive sole and foot molding technology. 

Yet, while the shoes can prevent a high percentage of water from entering, there have been some reports that these shoes can leak, allowing cold water to enter. Additionally, they aren’t able to keep your feet warm in cold weather, which means you’ll need to take a pass if you need racing shoes for the harsh winter months.

The Challenge

With shoes designed for racing at sea, the designers have to think in terms of functionality. This means the shoes not only need to be breathable, they must be flexible, waterproof, and the soles themselves need to be flexible and offer ultimate traction. This is no easy task considering the shoes also have to be lightweight and durable.

As you can see, designing a pair of sailing shoes that have all of these characteristics is no easy task, but Musto managed to fill this tall order.

These shoes have every must-have feature that’s crucial to dinghy racing. These shoes may not be a good choice for pro use or offshore use, but in terms of racing or even for recreational sailing, these shoes are solid performers.


Since Gore-Tex is one of the only components in footwear that ensures durable waterproofness, most high-end sailing shoe manufacturers now include this type of material in the shoe’s lining. This material is actually both highly breathable and waterproof. So, it allows perspiration to escape the interior and prevents water from entering from the exterior. These shoes were also tested for breathability. But Gore-Tex isn’t the only feature that contributes to these racing shoes durable, breathable, flexible design. 

Sole Design 

These shoes are equipped with the latest in outsole tech. The Grip Flex outsole features shock absorbing power and optimal multi-directional traction. For top performance, the shoes have also been combined with the Grip Deck rubber which is known to enhance both durability and grip on slick surfaces. The Grip Deck rubber has a somewhat sticky texture which is what helps to enhance the grip. The soles are also non-marking to protect your deck. The shoe’s EVA midsole is also designed specifically for shock absorption and works to reduce wearer fatigue. 

These shoes feature top of the line grip technology. This means you can actually run on a wet deck without sliding or slipping. This type of sole tech makes these shoes a great choice for racing. Now, you can focus on the race and your performance as opposed to worrying about keeping your balance during intense moments of the race.


Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes

Considering these shoes are designed for racing, they need to be well-designed and able to withstand plenty of use and abuse at sea, with the ability to handle intense conditions.

Musto does an impressive job of designing a highly breathable racing shoe that’s flexible, comfortable, and equipped with high-tech soles that work perfectly on slick surfaces.

The footbed has a molded design that improves comfort, while the patented Gilly lacing system features a triangular locking system for improved fit and comfort. 

The shoes themselves feature the Gore-Tex interior liner, with an exterior made out of highly breathable mesh for ultimate comfort and top drainage and ventilation. This means that your feet will remain nice and dry during an intense practice or competition. The shoes themselves are very light, promoting longer use. This lightweight design won’t hinder movement or cause fatigue like some sailing shoes can. 

Despite the fact that they’re equipped with a Gore-Tex liner, they’re reasonably priced. In fact, some sailors claim they easily outperform the Sperry Men’s Sea Kite Sports Moc Deck Shoes, which are top selling sailing shoes that are offered at a higher price. 

Where these Shoes Excel

The shoe’s lightweight mesh construction makes them perfect for warm and hotter climates. They can even be a great choice once the weather starts turning cooler, but they shouldn’t be your go-to shoes during the winter months. Winter sailing requires more protection and insulation. 

If you’re working at sea, you need shoes that are rated for submersion. While these shoes can dry quickly, they won’t do much to protect your feet in cold weather or if your feet end up submerged in cold water. These shoes work best for recreational purposes only.

To learn more about the leading models of sailing shoes and boots, click here to read our buyer’s guide. 


Like other pairs of Musto shoes, the GP Race shoes are pretty low maintenance. To clean, use a damp cloth then wipe them down after each use. The shoes should be stored out of direct sunlight and never placed in a washing machine or dryer. Since they feature a mesh design, these shoes tend to dry fairly quickly and can be placed in direct sunlight for drying purposes only. 


  • Grip Flex multi-directional outsole grip for exceptional grip on wet surfaces
  • Grip Flex works by molding to the shape of the wearer’s foot
  • Lightweight design 
  • Highly breathable
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex liner 
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not designed for frigid water conditions 
  • Cannot keep your feet warm in cold weather
Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated March, 2022: (4/5)


Out on the water, during a race, you need a pair of racing shoes that won’t let you down. Shoes that won’t hinder your movements or negatively effect your performance.

These racing sailing shoes by Musto have clearly raised the standards of what good racing shoes should be. Their flexible, breathable design, combined with the mesh material and Gore-Tex liner make these shoes a true asset when you’re in the middle of a serious competition and you need your head in the game, not focused on your uncomfortable footwear. While these shoes aren’t designed for offshore use, they’re everything you need racing sailing shoes to be.

Priced affordably, and offering a sporty look, we gave these shoes a rating of four out of five stars.

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