ZHIK Men's Deckbeater Pants Review
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ZHIK Men’s Deckbeater Pants Review

April, 2024

Often, when the term sailing clothes comes up, people tend to think of khaki pants and lightweight sweaters, polo shirts, and Bermuda shorts. But for the serious sailor, the clothing they wear is much more than just a fashion statement. While it’s true that many sailing clothing lines are seriously lacking in the functionality department, the men’s sailing clothing line by Zhik has more to offer in terms of apparel that’s designed with the ocean adventurer in mind. 

Our Verdict: If you need sailing pants that can withstand heavy duty use, these pants by Zhik are your best bet. They cannot be fully submerged like traditional wetsuit pants, but they’re a good choice if you plan on spending a day at sea in choppy waters or high wind conditions. These pants are also UV protected, which means you can spend all day on your boat and not have to worry about serious skin damage from the sun’s harmful rays. Of course, these pants may be overkill if you’re simply going out for a leisurely day on a the lake. However, any experienced sailor will tell you, if you plan on spending any time out on the water, you should also plan on getting wet. Fortunately, the Deckbeater pants have got you covered.

Continue reading to learn more about how the Deckbeater sailing pants can totally change your next sailing experience.

Overview and Features 

When you spend time at sea, you need pants that are designed to protect your skin. Constant contact with saltwater can cause a variety of skin issues and can leave you feeling cold and uncomfortable all day long. But the designers behind the Deckbeater sailing pants have thought of everything.

Sailing clothing must be functional, quick drying, insulating, and aesthetically appealing. These pants by Zhik called the Deckbeaters are categorized as technical clothing. If you’re not familiar with what technical sailing clothing actually is, we’ll briefly touch on it in our review of these popular Deckbeater sailing trousers.

These technical pants can be worn under foul weather gear, under shorts, or alone. They’re made out of a tough fabric that consists of seven-millimeter neoprene padding designed for comfort. The neoprene also helps to make the pants breathable and encourages draining. These pants are made out of spandex, for ultimate flexibility. The rear of the pants has also been reinforced for added protection and improved durability. 

These pants are specifically designed for sailing. With the combination of spandex, nylon, and neoprene, these pants are designed to withstand anything mother nature throws at them. 

Zhik is still a relatively new company in the industry, but they’ve gained popularity for their sailing clothing line that has more to offer in terms of eye-catching styles, versatility, and functionality. While as a whole, traditional sailing clothes are lacking in many of these areas, these pants can be used for most water activities including wake boarding, fishing, sailing, and more. 

What are Technical Pants?

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If you’re new to sailing, then you might not be familiar with the term “technical pants”. So, what is technical sailing clothing actually? Finding the right clothing for keel boat sailing or dinghy racing isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Basic sailing trousers won’t protect you against rough water conditions. They also won’t keep you dry onboard, especially if it rains. Technical pants are different. They’re designed with functionality in mind. With these technical pants, you’ll be fully prepared for any type of water or weather conditions. 

But these technical pants won’t just keep you warm and dry, they’re very stretchy and fashionable as well. 

Technical wear takes the innovative design elements of pro sailor gear and incorporates them into clothing that doesn’t look totally out of place during a casual or recreational event. The high-tech materials used will keep you comfortable, dry, and won’t look out of place like traditional sailing gear designed for racing or fishing. 

But technical clothing isn’t always easy to find in stores, which is why online shopping is a better option. 

As a style, technical clothing such as the Deckbeater pants takes the qualities you need in sailing clothing such as durability, efficiency, and flexibility, and combines them with pants that will look at home in a wide variety of applications. Simply put, technical wear is designed to be functional. 

Neoprene Combined with Spandex for the Ultimate Technical Wear 

Serious sailing, such as racing or ocean fishing, can require a wetsuit, but what about everyday technical sailing wear? If you need more protection than a pair of khakis, then these technical pants are a perfect choice. 

As you know, wetsuits are made out of neoprene, which consists of thousands of tiny bubbles of nitrogen gas. Neoprene will trap a thin layer of water between the material and the skin. The heat from your body is what warms the water and keeps you nice and warm all day, even in cold weather. But one major drawback of neoprene is the fact that it can be somewhat limiting when it comes to flexibility. 

These pants are made out of both spandex and neoprene, so you won’t have to sacrifice freedom of movement for insulation and protection from the elements. 

Since the materials used as designed to move with you, you’ll also find that they’re incredibly comfortable, especially when it comes to all-day wear.


ZHIK Men’s Deckbeater Pants Review

These pants can be worn alone, under a pair of shorts, or they can be worn over foul weather gear. They feature a clean design with smooth lines and offer a great fit that’s comfortable and breathable. 

While these pants are made from neoprene, they aren’t as durable as a traditional wetsuit and can’t offer the same level of protection. Of course, if you’re not planning on doing any snorkeling or diving, then you don’t need that type of high level protection. If you’re spending a day at sea, when choppy waters and high wind conditions are possible, then you need sailing pants that can keep your skin dry and protected.  

Level of Protection 

These pants are quick drying and will work to wick excess moisture away from the skin. 

So, what happens if you wear traditional sailing clothing in intense weather conditions? 

If you spend all day on a boat wearing cotton slacks and you get soaked, you can end up with chafed skin and mild to severe skin irritation. If its below forty degrees out you’re also at risk of hypothermia. 

Because of this, it’s important to choose clothing that’s fast drying and able to pull moisture away from the skin in order to avoid irritation. 

These pants are not only quick drying, they’re also recommended for people with sensitive skin. This includes people who are prone to rashes caused by friction, people with eczema, and other types of ongoing skin issues. 

You’ll enjoy protection against harmful UV rays, wind, waves, and rain. 

If you’re looking for durable, moisture wicking, fast drying sailing trousers, the Deckbeater pants are the perfect option. If you plan on going swimming during the colder months of the year, a wetsuit will be a better option. 

Despite the fact that these pants are not rated for full submersion, they’re still a better option than most competing models including the BR2 Offshore Trousers, which don’t offer the freedom of movement that these Zhik pants do. 

If you’d like to learn more about the different styles of sailing trousers to choose from and the different types of materials used, you can click here to read our ultimate buyer’s guide. Our guide not only includes reviews of the five leading pairs of sailing trousers on the market, but you’ll also learn what features to look for in a pair of sailing pants that will be perfect for your next outdoor adventure. 


  • Priced affordably 
  • Neoprene and spandex blend 
  • Protection against rain, cold weather conditions, and harmful UV rays 
  • Flexible 
  • Durable
  • Fast drying 
  • Moisture wicking technology 
  • For mild to moderately cold weather conditions 


  • Pants should not be fully submerged 
ZHIK Men's Deckbeater Pants Conclusion and Rating

Product Rating Updated April, 2024: (5/5)

ZHIK Men's Deckbeater PantsAs you can see, the pants aren’t like traditional sailing clothes. Their unique design and features are what truly sets them apart from most types of sailing trousers on the market. While competing brands tend to focus more on style than functionality, these pants can offer both. Not only that, but they’re a great choice for a casual day at sea or they can be worn for some ocean angling. It’s this type of versatility that makes them the top choice for sailors of all skill levels. 

How to get into yachting is easier with the right gear, especially if you plan on offshore sailing or a longer trip at sea. 

The Deckbeater sailing trousers are durable, versatile, and flexible. The neoprene and spandex material offers the perfect blend of protection and functionality. Zhik has done it again by offering a pair of sailing trousers that are unique, affordable, and perfect for a wide range of conditions. If you’re looking for pants that you can wear for dinghy racing, yachting, or fishing, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair that are as versatile. We gave these pants a rating of five out of five stars.

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